Thursday, March 15, 2012


Today the team and I drove up to Quebec, Canada from Stowe, VT. Under normal circumstances, this drive is from 6 to 7 hrs in length. Not too bad, but no small venture to be sure. After 8 hrs crammed into the back seat of a pick-up truck loaded to the brim with gear, I found myself approximately three miles closer to my destination than I had been four hours prior... I can't stand traffic!! I was frustrated for the first few hours of bumper-to-bumper traffic on the freeway outside of Quebec city, but then realized that wasn't helping the situation in the slightest. So instead I deigned myself to enjoying the wonderful scenery, sounds and aromas of the area in which I was a temporary captive... Tail lights, horns, compression brakes, and diesel exhaust.. Back to being frustrated.

 Long story short we found our way to the quaint little hotel we are to call home for the next 9 days and had a great french dinner before settling in. I went on a run after dinner and hit a 5:09 mile on the way out with a 6 minute average for the whole loop. Feeling pretty good!! (That said, I might have to get back to you on how great I feel tomorrow morning..)

Tomorrow is a free skiing day, but after that it's 5 days of straight DH at low elevation! Pretty excited for that!! (Low elevation might seem like a moot point, but I have to say it is wonderful when you don't feel like passing out at the bottom of a 2 minute course because there is no oxygen in the air. ;) I'll keep you posted on how the week goes!     


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  2. Your blog is so great Scott. A few of the articles totally cracked me up...esp. when you guys met the Norwegian girls, LOL go get 'em Scott!! ;) haha. You're such a good writer, and it sounds like your skiing is improving with every race, keep it up. All of your travels and stories remind me of living in Switzerland and Italy, as well as my travels to Spain and many other trips around Europe, even as a flight attendant. Those Euro-Clubs are INSANE and so much fun!! Best times of my life. Hope life brings you many more great adventures and wins on the ski hill. Take care. See you in Sandpoint sometime. Molly