Sunday, May 30, 2010

Home and the US Ski Team

I got home from the first D-Team camp at Mammoth, CA on Tuesday, and it's been hectic ever since. Although three of us had already met criteria for the team, the camp doubled as try-outs for the final 5-6 slots.  All of us found out on the last day of the camp who made the cut for next year, and even though I'd made criteria, it was great to be officially offered a spot! The night after the official phonecalls were made to each of us who made the team was spent calling/writing everyone who attended the camp, trying to find out who the other 5 guys were. Fortunately, I really like all the other guys who made it and am looking forward to skiing with them next winter! I can't even put to words how excited I am to have achieved this goal, even though it is just another step on the road. Just the other day I was thinking about last year and how I had hoped to make the team, but honestly didn't know if it would happen. Things are working out really well!

This summer is going to be pretty crazy with all the training blocks at Mt. Hood and Park City. It looks like I will be on the road about 2 weeks per month either skiing in Hood, or weight lifting at the high tech "Center of Excellence" located in Parl City.  My time at home will be spent biking, playing baseball, working, lifting, and doing schoolwork to get ahead for next ski season. I am already starting my Baseball season as well! We actually just finished the first double header of the year yesterday, and it is soo great to be back on the field with the hometown guys. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the summer!  

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mammoth, CA

There is an old saying in ski racing about the weather that all too often seems to come true. "If you want it to snow, just schedule a race." So here I am in a blizzard in Mammoth, CA at this USST camp. The first few days were perfect; 50 degrees and sunny with good solid snow, Randy, the head D-Team coach, came out a few days early to help the groomers create great terrain features for training. These features are set up in waves approx 24 meters apart from crest to crest, and 5 feet deep. The GS courses are set through the middle of 'em, talk about sweet training! Right now my focus is giving my feet room at the gate so that I can create angles and really get the power out of the top of the turn. I feel like its coming along well!
We got to loaf today.  They have us doing three days of training, then a day off.  Although I wasn't tired yet, the day off felt good.  I'll be interested to see what they throw at us tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New season starts?

I apologize for not posting at all late this season! My busy schedule aside I should have been on top of it, and I promise to do better starting now. On the other hand, I did stay focused and achieve the performance and mental goals I set for myself at the start of the year.

So I don't exactly know if this is the end of last season or the start of next. Things just seem to be flowing one into another. Right now I am in Park City, UT for physical assessments at the Center of Excellence. (the US Ski Team's main headquarters) With its great gym full of high tech lifting machines, and big staff of doctors, physios and trainers, it's a heck of a place to work out!

Today I got to meet one of my new coaches, and I like him a lot. I wasn't too worried about who it would be with as far as coaches go, but I must say it's nice to know that I'll be spending this next year with a cool guy. Even after 20 days off skis, I am already feeling the urge to get back on the snow. I got to see a lot of my buds from the circut today, and I dont think I'm the only one "chomping at the bit" for some white stuff right now! They are a really good group of guys and I look forward to training with them this season!

Tomorrow I head to Mammoth, CA for 10 days on snow with the team. For some of the guys who haven't made criteria for the team yet, this camp will serve as a tryout. Fortunately I already made it, so the stress won't be quite as high. No matter what though, in this sport -- at this level, you have to keep pushing as hard as you can. Maintaining focus is a big part of success, so I'm trying to keep everything in perspective.