Monday, March 28, 2011

Back On Snow

I am now in Frisco, Colorado after my first two races back from a possible concussion. My last day in Whistler, BC at NORAM Finals I felt like I had a breakthrough in GS, and I have been worried that my week off snow would allow the time to effectively forget what it was I figured out. That said I feel great after two days of slalom races in Beaver Creek, and am looking forward to SG tomorrow at Breckenridge.

My crash at Whistler was nothing special, but still worried some of the staff enough to have me take the impact test. The first time I took it my reactions were .07 of a second slower than they were in July, with everything else the same. The Doctor said that I was probably fine, but that it would be wise to give it at least 24 hrs to make sure things were all ok. After a few days there with limited activity, I decided that it was best for me to get on the road for CO, and get my brain moving again. I stopped in at the COE in Park City on the way for an impact test and some physical examination and passed them both. =) Its great to be back on snow!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I went into NORAM Finals in Whistler, BC really pumped on how I was skiing and ready to go. The first day of GS was one of good performance, but not the best circumstances... And all of my own making. In a confusing turn of events I "misplaced" my skis at the start and ended up running on one of my buddies' trainers-- not the best plan! I skied well, but was not in the front of the pack.  The second day, however, was far better! I moved from 73rd starting position in the first run, to 24th place and got to start 7th in the second run; It was a perfect situation. I skied well all the way until the last pitch where I got pulled low and caught some soft snow. I couldn't get my foot out of it in time and straddled the gate with my shin. It was a pretty good crash, but I didn't really think much of it at the time. Just another day, you know? Well the IMPACT test (a special test which compares against a previous baseline and determines if there's a head injury) said otherwise apparently! They are still not sure if I have a concussion, but my reaction time is 7 hundreths of a second slower than it was when I tested in July.  The bottom line is that I am not racing until that changes or the Team doctors decide that I am 100%. I left three days early from Canada after being told that I wouldn't be racing in order to get on the road for Colorado and save some money. Two days of driving later has put me in Park City, UT where I will be testing again tomorrow to see if I can get back on snow. I hope it goes well!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I have been home for 4 days now, which is the longest since Christmas, and am thoroughly enjoying every second of it! It’s been dumping snow ever since I got here and I am getting very familiar with my pow-skis. :) A friend of ours rented Turner Mountain for his Birthday and invited a large group up for a day of rippin'. The top half of the Mountain was dumping snow, and the bottom was pouring rain, yet the lodge was totally empty.. Gotta love those North Idaho people!! I drive out tomorrow for NORAM Finals in Whistler, BC and am very excited for these next few races! 

Park City

Back to base camp for a week in Park City! After Racing 4 tech races up in Rossland, BC, I headed down to Park City, Utah for 5 days of lifting and training. The snow was a bit crumbly and it snowed a couple days, but the value of training couldn’t have been much better. After all, we ARE heading to some interesting conditions in whistler, BC next week. The off snow training was good as well, allowing me the first chance to get in the gym in quite a while. I look forward to the next and final trip of the season starting with NORAM Finals in Whistler!