Friday, January 8, 2010

Two days in

. I just finished the first two days of this 4 day series in Snow Bird, Utah. The run the slaloms were held on these days was injected, and pretty icy. I kind of let it get in my head on the first day, and struggled through both runs. Last night I was a little frustrated, and decided to watch some World Cup videos and visualize. I looked at today’s race as an opportunity to sort out a few issues I have had on this hard snow. I made quite a few mistakes, and didn’t score, yet in my mind today was still a success. The next two days are going to be GS’s at Park City. I have had success on this hill in the past and am excited to be back on it!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tuning up

I am once again back on the road after having 7 days off at home over Christmas. I free skied, ice skated, and relaxed with my family while giving my knee a few easy days to recover from these last weeks on the road. Now Dad and I are in Jackson tuning up for the FIS Elite tech series next week in Park City, UT. The snow here is great for training and I feel we are getting a lot accomplished! After skiing each day I have been playing some hockey at the public rink. Two days ago I had a momentary balance issue during a pickup game and smashed my chin down pretty hard on the ice. Got 7 stitches but fortunately didn’t miss any training. I am really looking forward to these next few days of competition!