Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hood Camp!

Things were really starting to come around in the early-August camp in Mt. Hood, OR! I could feel so much power in the top of the turn that it made me smile without realizing it. I have been working on running the line deep in GS and pressuring the new ski as early as possible, and am getting some cool feedback from the skis! The snow was awesome for the most part, about as good as I have ever seen it at Hood. There were only a few nights that it didn't freeze, and that's what salt is for. :-)

The first Hood camp of the year was down on the "Mile" lift which is mild terrain and great for working on stuff. This one was focused on taking the movements learned on that less challenging terrain to the steeper "Palmer" lift with the same amount of precision. It was a complete success! Even my Slalom, which I have been struggling with a little bit recently, came on strong the last few days. I had a great time and am feeling very confident about next season. Time for winter!!