Sunday, October 4, 2009

More from Zermatt

The gear is working great! I just got off the hill from the 4th straight day of slalom. I am really skiing well and made a breakthrough today with my line. Fortunately, Atomic skis are perfect for me; no complaints! The slaloms have a small sweet-spot, but when I am in it things are rippin'! Now I am back at the hotel doing school and getting ready for dinner :) This food.... I'm thinking about applying for citizenship!! Not really, but the food is amazing. The next two days are GS, and the two days following are slalom. I am interested to see how many runs it takes to get the feel back in the GS skis after being on SL for a while. Hopefully it all goes well!

A Russian racer named Uri joined us today.  He's 18 and a bruiser of a guy.  He's supposedly the top Russian downhiller.  He's working on tech skills though and needed a lane to share.  We cycled together a bunch of times and it was cool.  He speaks pretty good english.